Degree in Professional Acting at "La Lavandería" Drama School. 

Madrid, Spain. June 2011.

Advance Clown Course at La Estupenda Clown School.

Granada, Spain. June 2012.


"Blood Wedding" by Federico García Lorca (2011). Tragedy.

Actress "La Madre".

Directed by Carmen López and Laila Ripoll.

Produced by "La Lavandería" Productions.

Madrid, Spain.


"The Visit" by Nieves López (2014). Drama.

Actress "The Mother".

Directed by Nieves López and Laura May Atwood. 

Produced by Brick Door Theater Company.

New Olympus Theater, Gloucester.

the visit 10.JPG

"The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler (2015). Comedy.

Actress for "My Angry Vagina" and "They Beat the Girl out of my Boy" monologues.

Directed by Amber Andrews and Laura Lear. 

Produced by The Bierkeller Theater.

The Bierkeller Theater, Bristol.

"The Paintstripper Monologues" by Gill Simmons (2015). Comedy-Drama. 

Actress "Frida Kahlo".

Directed by Gill Simmons.

Produced by Brave Bold Drama for the Bedminster Arts Trail.

Southbank Arts Centre, Bristol.

frida 22.JPG